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About BSTF

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VMS , PSIM and Anti-Drone Solutions

BSTF is one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management Systems (VMS) and open architecture Command & Control platform as a Physical Security Information Management Software (PSIM) , Multi-sensor Anti-UAV Defense System. 

Our Visions

To be the most sought-after professional security, safety & building automation systems supplier in the region and a market leader by deploying state of the art innovative solutions from our partners with focus on exceeding customer expectations by offering value oriented solutions.

Our Missions

At the BSTF, we strive to provide a complete range of solutions for safer facilities, innovative technologies, efficient built environments.  And thus We offer, long term sustainable benefits to the environment, safer future for enhancing human life.

Our Values

Our core values of honesty, flexibility, efficiency, innovation and engineering-excellence guide us as a company. Our team is made up of passionate individuals aligned with a desire to provide sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on society.

About Us

BSTF is one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management Systems (VMS), pro-active and centralized security management software (PSIM), providing partners a design, engineering and integration support of building systems, extra low voltage (ELV) systems for military, industrial and applications.

BSTF is regional leading distributor in Electronic Warfare, RF sensing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Sensor Fusion, rapid prototyping and MIL-SPEC manufacturing. Our range of counter-drone solutions has been deployed by military, Government, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, commercial and VIP customers globally. The BSTF team brings world-class expertise in engineering and physics, combined with deep experience in defence, intelligence, and aerospace.

BSTF is a leading Value Added Distributor company in Turkey with its head office located in Istanbul and operations all over the Turkey, CIS, ME region. The Company specializes in providing turnkey building smart automation, fire, security and infrastructure solutions for all major verticals covering Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial, Infrastructure, Government, Aviation, Oil & Gas and Transportation Sectors.

“Building Smart Technology for Safer Future”

BSTF Investment and Consulting Ltd. is delivering technology contracting under three verticals including Building Automation Systems, ITC Services and Integrated Security Systems. Our business model provides a highly technical engineering team, which combined, enables us to handle larger and more complicated projects.

Since 2018

We partner with the Security Industry’s leading manufacturers of proven technologies to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients. BSTF understands that Information Technology and Networking are critical to today’s security infrastructure and we ensure our solutions incorporate today’s standards.

Our Future

We’ve got big plans here at the BSTF. We aim to become the leading provider of security and smart building solutions in the industry, and be recognized as a driving force for positive change and innovation in our sector. Therefore, we always strive to achieve the best solution for your development’s needs. Join us on our journey to enrich the built environment.

The Open Platform


As an open platform software editor, creating interoperability is our raison d’être. From our point of view, openness means first of all maximizing the possibilities of our SDK*. As an input, it retrieves from a third-party system all available events. As an output, it also allows us to expose all the capabilities of our platform to another system. The opening of an SDK is the ability to interface with any system or application that has a protocol.
Our vision of openness goes far beyond that: it means ensuring that our platform, AppVision™, is 100% customizable and that our partners are 100% autonomous.
This is why we share with our partners all the tools needed to customize our platform and extend it both on the client side and on the server side to:

  • Create the most user-friendly GUIs for operators
  • Develop the communication drivers they need
  • Develop the necessary functionalities to meet project specifications without requiring access to and modification of the source code
  • Develop specific extensions adapted to our partners’ businesses or sectors of activity



To provide the best VMS solutions on the market, Mirasys has partnered with several technology companies around the world specialized in various fields. Our partner and training program guarantees the required knowledge transfer to develop customized solutions for any market. 

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