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Detect. Assess. Respond.

DroneShield provides protection against drones threatening safety, security and privacy. Our state of the art detection and countermeasure products aid your security force against the significant and growing threats that drone technology makes possible.

Mirasys is one of the leading suppliers of open platform Vid-eo Management Systems (VMS). Founded in 1996, Mirasys focuses on the most valuable asset of your operation: DATA

  • 70,000+ CUSTOMERS

Access control from Axis is not only open, it’s agile. When planning your access control solution, you get flexibility for both today’s needs and tomorrow’s. Like other Axis solutions, our access control products don’t tie you to proprietary or pre-approved hardware and software. So you can mix, match and integrate best-of-breed options. Whether you have a smaller installation or a large number of doors and complex access rules, you can be truly proactive – and find the optimal way to meet your access control challenges.

Video Content Analysis:

Mirasys VCA is used in over 500,000 channels offering all typical VCA features based on deep learning algorithms.

When Prysm Software first entered the market with the very first version of AppVision™ in 1996, the world of security was entirely proprietary.

The PSIM (Physical Security Integration Management) concept first appeared in 2005…
… 1 year after the AppVision™ v3 launch. And in 2004 AppVision™ was then a reputed PSIM among the security and BMS world.


We have been supplying safe energy with innovative reserve power since 1993. We are a Swedish developer and manufacturer of battery backups for the protection & safety industry, industry and other players who require the highest energy availability in their safety systems. We guarantee the reserve power in important societal functions such as fire alarms, access control systems and evacuation alarms.