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Counter Drone System

Our Approach

DroneShield offers a complete system of products and services to aid your security team in the defence of threats made possible by drone technology.

01 | Detection

DroneShield offers an enterprise-grade sensor fusion software engine with proprietary multi-sensor detection technologies that work together to detection drones. An example of these ‘best in class’ networked sensors is RadarZero which is custom built to detect small drones in three dimensions.

DroneShield offers stand-alone detection solutions such as the RfPatrol, a body worn RF detection device.


Rf Patrol

RfOne MkII

02 | Analysis & Identification

DroneShield utilises a multi-sensor approach to analyse and identify incoming drone threats. Radar sensors tracks a moving object, separating it from the background clutter such as trees or birds. Radio frequency sensors provide a direction of bearing to the target, matching a set of RF signatures, which are regularly updated. Camera and thermal sensors allow for a visual confirmation to the user, with an ability for high definition zoom during day or night.

This multi-sensor analysis allows us to detect drones with high accuracy, delivering low false-alarm rates.

ComputeNode Mobile Onsite Server Solution

03 | Monitoring & Alerting

Instant alerts are delivered independently through a variety of methods, including On-Screen Monitor, SMS, email, or existing video or incident management systems (API). DroneShield easily integrates into your established security system.

Our detection system DroneSentry-C2 is a browser-based visual interface that displays live visibility of surrounding drone activity. 

04 | Response

DroneShield also offers safe and highly effective countermeasures once a drone threat has been identified. DroneShield countermeasures allow for the controlled management of drone payload such as explosives, with no damage to common drone models or the surrounding environment. Countermeasures have been developed for long range coverage in a wide range of environmental conditions.

DroneGun Tactical

DroneGun MkIII

DroneCannon RW