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Counter-Drone & System

Detect. Assess. Respond.

DroneShield provides protection against drones threatening safety, security and privacy. Our state of the art detection and countermeasure products aid your security force against the significant and growing threats that drone technology makes possible.


Drones are more commonly being used in military environments to commit remote acts of terrorism and espionage. Terrorists will utilize drones as they are easy to acquire and operate, with significant payload and range capabilities. DroneShield’s specialized technologies provide military personnel both fixed and portable solutions to combat drone threats. DroneShield products provide comprehensive, pre-eminent detection and early countermeasures in a layered military solution.


Governments use DroneShield in response to tactics by terrorists or foreign enemy states that lack traditional air forces or sophisticated resources. Legacy counter-drone systems do not detect consumer-grade aircraft. Because of this, enemies could use these drone types for surveillance, target spotting, or delivery and detonation of payloads. DroneShield compliments the military’s existing detection methods, helping our armed forces strengthen their defense against airborne threats.


Detects and identifies intruding drones using a multi-sensor technology

Offers fixed and portable drone countermeasures

Provides real-time monitoring and instant alerts

Easily integrates into existing military security systems

Provides comprehensive protection for forward operating bases, weapons, artillery and personnel

Retains alert data for use as digital evidence in legal proceedings


Airports gain security from DroneShield detecting drone presence and disruption of threats with modules deployed around site perimeters. A multi-sensor approach allows DroneShield to distinguish drones from other objects, minimising false alarms. The product easily integrates into existing security systems, sending instant alerts and automatic or manually activated disruption when a drone is detected. DroneShield software retains data from the alert for any subsequent legal proceedings.

BSTF is one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management Systems (VMS), pro-active and centralized security management software (PSIM), providing partners a design, engineering and integration support of building systems, extra low voltage (ELV) systems for military, industrial and applications.

Building Smart Technology for Safer Future

BSTF is regional leading distributor in Electronic Warfare, RF sensing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Sensor Fusion, rapid prototyping and MIL-SPEC manufacturing. Our range of counter-drone solutions has been deployed by military, Government, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, commercial and VIP customers globally. The BSTF team brings world-class expertise in engineering and physics, combined with deep experience in defence, intelligence, and aerospace.

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